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Deepshika Software Solutions is pleased to offer free, web-based training classes to help you get the best results from our products. The training is provided using the cutting-edge online conferencing tools like WebEx and Gotomeeting. To attend a class all you need is a computer with Internet access and a phone. Participate in meetings anywhere - at a moment's notice.

Deepshika Software Solutions Live Web Classes gives you the power to work together with colleagues, customers and suppliers, no matter where you - or they - are.

Deepshika Software Solutions Live Web Classes can help you participate in meetings around the world, at a moment's notice, and at a fraction of the cost. Here are the top 10 ways Live Meeting can help you be more productive.

Deepshika Software Solutions Live Web Classes top 10 benefits :

Travel less: Communicating and collaborating online and in real time means you don't need to leave your desk to conduct effective meetings with others. Save time and money by meeting online and avoid all the hassles of business travel.

Increase productivity: Spend your time wisely and avoid downtime associated with getting to and from your meetings. You can meet more frequently with customers, colleagues, and business partners, thereby increasing your business output in the same amount of time.

Be efficient: A customizable rich client and a Web client for remote attendee flexibility ensures an efficient user experience, effective collaboration, and a focus on the meeting content at-hand.

Conduct trainings and large events: Live Meeting supports a diverse set of circumstances ranging from a spontaneous meeting between two people working on a document, to large-scale training and events with hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Reduce costs: By conducting online meetings, online training, and online events, Live Meeting offers an impressive return on your investment over the cost of taking face-to-face training.

Deeply engage your audience: Deliver more immersive presentations that bring together multiple communication channels including live and recorded video, chat, slide and application sharing, VoIP and PSTN audio, and audience feedback tools.

Collaborate in real time: Share, collaborate, and discuss your projects in real time. Windows of opportunity are short, and you can't afford to wait for everyone to be in the same place, at the same time. Make critical decisions quickly, with all the stakeholders, regardless of geography.

Simplify administration and deployment: Whether you are a company with 5 employees or 50,000, you can easily enable everyone in your organization to conduct effective online Web Classes. With a variety of administration tools, you can comply with corporate policies and easily manage users of the Live Meeting service.

Get more value from your meetings - even after you're done: With Live Meeting, participants can record meetings or training events in high fidelity and store them locally or on the service. These recordings become training assets that can be viewed by the rest of the organization at their convenience.

Count on a trusted, reliable service: With a proven track record and a focus on scalability and reliability, Live Meeting enables you to conduct your online meetings, training, and events at a moment's notice.

Deepshika Software Solutions is to provide comprehensive training in SAP R/3 products and business applications. The objectives are:

  • Train new consultants and professionals in the features, functions and best use of SAP products to meet the customer's business goals based on a curriculum that is consistent world-wide
  • Provide and ensure a consistent skilled consulting base by testing and certification
  • Learn ASAP and SAP Service Market Place and obtain an understanding of SAP products and strategy
  • Drive SAP implementations to ensure maximum business benefits upon completion of the course

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