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Hardware Solutions

Today, businesses demand global vision, an in-depth understanding of customers and suppliers, demonstrated thought leadership and a consultative partnership approach to offer the highest possible returns on IT investment. We help businesses achieve these ends. Working closely with our customers as transformation partners, we deliver and implement innovative software solutions across a number of technology platforms.

Financial Services Solutions

Banks and brokerages operate in one of the most competitive and regulated business environments. Unprecidented M&A activity and a growing list of compliance and governance mandates challenge organizations across the sector. Agility, velocity, and accountability are the key success factors.

Regulated Industry Solutions

Organizations in highly regulated industries such as energy, mining and utilities, face pressures to balance the demand for increased output with those of reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Striking this balance demands a shift in the way organizations think about business content.

Government Solutions

Pushed by paperwork reduction mandates, a widely anticipated knowledge worker turnover due to retirement, and a growing demand for taxpayer and citizen self-service access, governments at all levels must adopt new approaches to electronic information management.

Custom Solutions

"The initial reason to outsource was to reduce costs. Now we are seeing a whole range of benefits including risk reduction, process oriented workflows, testing support and business analysis. Our firm benefits not only through the consistently high quality resources deployed, but more importantly through the scalability that an outsourcing model provides. Consider us a happy customer."


Deepshika Health is the global leader in professional services to the health industry, delivering solutions for today's business challenges. We are the only company with the diversity and dedicated experience and resources to address all areas of the health sector, including hospitals and health systems, government health departments, academic health centers, post acute care facilities, physician groups, managed care organizations, life sciences organizations, and health-related technology companies.

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